Warren gets a visitor

Fed up with her mundane life, Louise begs Warren to take her on holiday. But Warren wants to keep up with his responsibilities in Hollyoaks. Warren’s old pal Carl turns up with an offer of dodgy dealings, but Warren is adamant that he’s now a legitimate businessman and tries to send him away. But has Louise got other ideas?

Tension runs high between Rhys and Beth when Gilly announces his and Beth’s engagement to the rest of the Ashworths. Things get more awkward when Suzanne throws an engagement buffet for Beth and Gilly, and Mercedes and Danny show up. Caught up in his own happiness, Gilly doesn’t notice that Beth and Rhys are acting strangely, and when the two sneak upstairs, Beth confesses that she can’t handle seeing Rhys with Mercedes.

Calvin advises a tortured Danny to be straightforward with Hannah and ask her to be his girlfriend. Danny heads over to the Ashworths’ to ask her, but is disappointed by her lacklustre response in front of her family. Convinced that she is ashamed of him, Danny breaks things off with her, leaving Hannah absolutely gutted. But when she later realises her dad doesn’t like Danny due to the colour of his skin, she pursues Danny and begs him to give her another chance.

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