Katy arrives back from London and she and Justin get passionate together at the flat. Meanwhile, at the Loft, Clare seethes when she realises her potential buyer is Warren, and he’s taken her for a ride. Spitefully, she tells him that Justin’s secretly been seeing Katy. A furious Warren storms into the flat, catches a half naked Justin with Katy, and attacks Justin before the police turn up and arrest Warren for assault.

Amy tells Josh she understands why he attacked her dad. She’s sympathetic when emotional Josh tells her about his family traumas and invites him back to her house where Josh makes a heartfelt apology to Mike. Later, Josh asks Amy if they can get back together. But Amy is cautious, feeling guilty that Josh is still in the dark about baby Leah.

When Zoe favourably compares Zak to Darren, Zak becomes convinced Zoe fancies him. But at the pub, Zak is dismayed when Zoe flirts with Darren who is trying his best to put Zoe off. Darren’s baffled at Zoe’s mild reaction to his jibes, and Zak suggests she must fancy Darren. Darren decides Zoe is playing them off against each another, and the lads make a pact not to give in to her games.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday July 12*