Warren is on edge when he discovers the word ‘murderer’ sprayed on the window of Evissa. Calvin, meanwhile, wants to find out more about Justin’s previous involvement with Warren but Justin refuses to open up and insists he wants to put the past behind him. Warren worries about Justin’s ability to keep quiet and subtly threatens to harm Hannah if Justin betrays him.

Hannah is relieved when Suzanne discovers she’s dating Justin but agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt and invites him to a family dinner. Later, Suzanne finds a bag of snacks stashed in Hannah’s room and is afraid that she’s bingeing and purging again. Hannah is stunned when Suzanne confronts her and insists that someone has planted it in her room.

Russ barges his way into the McQueens when Carmel opens the door and begs her to talk Jacqui round but she won’t betray her sister. Meanwhile, Jacqui confronts Nancy at parents’ evening after Theresa claims she’s being bullied by Nancy and Russ and the end up in a scrap. Russ is furious with Nancy for possibly further damaging his chances to see Max and he tells Nancy he’s going to take his son and leave the village.

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