Warren has double trouble

Warren is distracted when Calvin tells him he saw someone tagging The Loft with graffiti, oblivious that it was Newt. Spotting the vandal again in the village, Calvin chases after him but loses him when Newt goes into Evissa. Certain he’s about to get caught, Newt is stunned and grateful when Warren throws him off the scent.

But he starts to worry when he realises Warren plans to deal him out his own brand of rough justice. However, they are interrupted by the fire alarm going off in the flat above Evissa, and Warren remembers he left his brother Spencer up there. Warren dashes upstairs to find Spencer has set the pan on fire trying to cook himself breakfast.

Newt visits Darren who tells him to sort himself out and stop vandalising buildings. Darren reminds Newt that with him and Jack inside, Newt is the man of the house and he has responsibilities to Frankie. Affected by their chat, Newt takes the first step towards being there for Frankie.

Ste and Justin are having their own private party in the SU Bar when Ste calls Justin a bad father. Justin responds by calling Ste a wife-beater and a fight breaks out.

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