Warren ‘helps’ Ste kit out the flat

With the cash from the crisis loan nearly gone, Amy begins to worry. Ste reassures her he’ll get them more cash, but Warren ridicules Ste when he comes looking for a job. Ste ends up swiping Warren’s cards and cash from his jacket, and Amy is shocked and thrilled when she arrives home to find a hi-fi, flat-screen TV, nappies for Leah and plenty of food.

Hungover Mercedes and Tony wake up feeling terrible after sleeping together. Oblivious Jacqui chooses that moment to come over to apologise to Tony but goes away heartbroken when Tony plays tough to get rid of her before she can discover Mercedes in the bedroom.

Later, Myra stages a dinner to get Jacqui and Tony back together but it flops when a bitter Jacqui rips into Tony. Devastated, Tony insists to Dom that his relationship with Jacqui is definitely over this time, while a guilty Mercedes contemplates telling Jacqui about their one-night stand.

Beth starts to feel out of place as Josh continues to be mean to her, and she’s fed up when she overhears Suzanne tell Josh she doesn’t want her in the house. Beth packs her bags, but a guilty Suzanne persuades her to stay.

Also, Tina continues to feel uncomfortable around Pete.