Warren is arrested

Warren and Louise’s plans for an idyllic honeymoon together are shattered when Warren is arrested for Sean’s murder. Warren protests his innocence to police in the face of some tricky questions, but no one seems convinced. Meanwhile, Katy’s attempt to break up with Justin is delayed again when he suggests a romantic picnic. But their relationship looks to be back on track when Justin says that he will put Katy first in future. But when Justin learns of Warren’s arrest, he’s terrified that Warren will implicate him, and decides to run away.

Kris is relieved to find Elliot is alive in hospital with hypothermia. He tries to convince Elliot that the message from his dad was a hoax, but Elliot is adamant it is true. But Elliot’s heart is broken when his mum Bonnie turns up and guiltily confesses that she lied to Elliot about his dad being abducted by aliens. Devastated, Elliot warns Bonnie that he never wants to see her again and storms out of the hospital.

Mercedes asks for her job back at The Dog, but Darren is more interested in convincing her to sleep with him, making a bet with Kris that he can break Mercedes’ new celibacy rule by the end of the week.

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