Calvin agrees to help Mark out on a raid, but discovers the planned raid is on The Loft. Fearing his secret may be uncovered if Warren is arrested, Calvin tips Warren off, and Ravi stores all the loot in student halls with Leila. Later, Calvin and Mark charge into The Loft and tear the place apart. Mark quickly realises the stolen gear isn’t there, and is puzzled when he stumbles across an irritatingly cool Warren in the office with Ravi.

Carmel tries to talk to Calvin and sort things out but he is convinced she’s interested in Mark. Confused and upset, Carmel goes to Evissa and confides in Bel. But just as she is telling Bel that she doesn’t trust Myra, her mum walks in, having heard everything. Later, back at the McQueens’, Carmel arrives with a peace offering, and she and her mum reunite.

Elliot is upset when Hannah reveals she got back yesterday and hadn’t called him. Hannah is adamant that she would never cheat on Elliot, but things look rocky between the couple until Elliot offers her an olive branch.

Also, Justin contemplates the dodgy job with Warren, but when he sees all the stolen gear, he realises it isn’t the answer and walks out on a furious Warren.

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