The pressure is all getting too much for Louise and she breaks down when Katy mentions she’s sorry to hear she ‘lost’ her baby. Concerned Warren goes to comfort Louise but is stunned when he realises her baby could have been his. He tries to talk to her, but Louise tells him where to go. Calvin is gutted to see that Louise isn’t wearing her engagement ring, but doesn’t get anywhere when he confronts her about it.

Sick of the sight of loved-up couple Carmel and Aleksander, fed-up Jacqui wants to know why Myra has given them her seal of approval, while she’s still frowning upon her relationship with Tony. In an effort to make peace, Myra offers to make dinner for the two couples, but things go wrong when Tony spills gravy on Carmel, and Aleksander is distressed to discover that her boobs aren’t real.

Finding it tough enough to babysit Charlie, Steph isn’t sure about Darren’s idea to adopt a Third World baby, but changes her mind when she realises it might help her get her inheritance. She begins dreaming up exotic baby names, but decides to have a rethink when looking after Charlie proves too much.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday June 19*