Warren makes Calvin an offer

Warren continues to torment Calvin with the video clip of him buying drugs from Nige. Despite Calvin telling Warren to put an end to the threats, he’s uninterested and steps up the pressure by offering The Loft as a reception venue for Calvin and Carmel‘s wedding. Annoyed when Calvin won’t be manipulated, Warren vows to spill the beans on what Calvin did unless he does exactly what Warren says…

Feeling a fraud over Jack’s death, Frankie decides she’s going to tell Kris the truth about his dad. Darren tries to convince her to keep quiet but Frankie is worried the police will soon be on to them leaving them in big trouble. As Malachy vows to find his dad, a panicking Frankie warns Darren that she’s not going to protect him and Jack.

Faced with discovery, Darren concocts a plan to convince Kris his dad’s still alive and roaming France, leaving Frankie no choice but to play along. A relieved Kris and Malachy fall for Frankie’s lies.

Wanting to be close to Mike, a loved-up Michaela invites herself along to Il Gnosh with him and Amy. Michaela tries her best to make Mike jealous but is gutted when she doesn’t get his attention.

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