Warren makes Darren an offer

*Triple episode*

Darren is gutted when Jack rips into him for losing the pub to Warren. Meanwhile, Warren prepares to take over his half of the pub, despite Louise’s concerns. Later, Warren finds Darren miserable and drunk, and offers to let him buy his half of the pub back for £100,000.

Niall accepts Myra’s invite to spend Christmas dinner with the family and ends up stealing a family photo of the McQueens from Carmel’s bedroom. But during dinner when Myra announces how blessed she feels to have her children with her at Christmas, a clearly ruffled Niall announces he’s leaving. Back at his flat, furious Niall burns the family photo.

While the Ashworths get festive, Beth and Rhys act as if nothing happened between them the night before, and Gilly announces he’s off to Thailand. However, the happy mood is quashed when a burning newspaper is pushed through the door, and the Ashworths realise someone has a vendetta against them.

Also, Tony is horrified when Mercedes informs him there is no way she will let him marry her sister and that she intends to make this a Christmas none of them will forget. But before she can say anything Tina and Jacqui announce that Tina is going to be a surrogate for Jacqui and Tony.