Warren makes Justin an offer

In her prison cell, Louise finds herself having to deal with DI Taylor’s attempts to persuade her to name Warren as her accomplice in Sean’s murder. Louise makes an anguished call to Warren, where she adamantly tells him he can’t confess on her behalf, but he needs to sort something else out, and soon.

At his wit’s end after Louise’s phone call, Warren offers Justin £100,000 up front to take the rap for Sean’s murder. Justin weighs up his future in Hollyoaks, but after an apology and pep talk from Leo, Justin finally makes his decision and refuses to help Warren.

Sarah’s relationship with Roger hits a rocky patch when Zoe informs her that Roger made a pass at her. Sarah finds the strength to finish with Roger – once and for all. Wanting to celebrate her newfound freedom, Sarah and Zoe head off for a drink, leaving a miffed Mike behind.

Leo agrees to Sasha’s request that she attend school, despite being worried about her seeing Fletch. However, Sasha is devastated when Fletch dumps her.

Also, Michaela’s dreams of a journalistic career get closer.

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