Warren proposes to Louise

Worried Katy informs Warren he has to tell Louise that he killed Sean. Meanwhile, Louise is still in shock after her trip to the morgue and throws a far-too-chatty Carmel and everyone else out of Evissa. Warren manages to calm Louise down but it’s clear he’s keeping something from her. Warren admits he has got something to say and asks Louise to marry him, leaving her stunned.

Frankie reveals to Jack that she’s accepted a foster child behind his back. Jack isn’t pleased, especially as Frankie seems to have forgotten that Darren lives with them too. Despite Zoe thinking Frankie’s fostering idea is great, Darren isn’t keen on a random foster kid moving in to The Dog. Will Jack break Frankie’s heart and tell Daisy to pack her bags?

The Carmel and Mercedes feud continues in the McQueen house. But Myra has got more important things to think about when she discovers some money has gone missing – and accuses her mum of taking the cash. Offended Nana begins to pack, refusing to stay if her family think she’s a thief.