Warren suspects Sienna killed Patrick

As Hollyoaks' Point of View week continues, Warren's in the thick of the action...

Warren’s stunned when Sienna reveals she was prepared to help Patrick die. Elsewhere, Ryan explains to DS Armstrong that he has a link to Warren’s past and can use it to get a confession. Meanwhile, Grace Black delights in telling Warren that Maxine’s baby is his – then reveals Maxine is handing herself into the police!

Warren refuses to listen when Grace and Darren tell him about Sienna’s damaged past with Patrick – but he starts to wonder whether she could have killed him and suggests to Sienna that they run away together.

Elsewhere, Darren tells the police that the brooch they found in the woods belongs to Sienna, while Nico lies to Nancy that Sienna is the murderer. It seems the evidence is stacking up…

*Point of View week: Each episode is set on the same day, but shows a different perspective from each suspect in Patrick’s murder case*