Warren tells Louise EVERYTHING!

Katy’s world is shattered when she finds out Sean’s body has been discovered, Warren has been arrested for his murder, and Justin has disappeared. Meanwhile, Warren arrives home after his release and confesses to Louise about killing Sean. But instead of running to the police, Louise says she’ll stand by Warren and keep his secret.

Fed up with being ridiculed, Elliot changes his look and attitude – he no longer wants to be seen as a geek or walkover. So when Newt and Lauren confess to sending him the hoax email about his dad, he takes them both home to face the consequences. As a result, Lauren is given the cold shoulder by her dad, and Newt feels terrible for letting Jack down. Now on a roll, Elliot also brings Sarah and Kiddle together to make them pay for using him, and threatens to tell Dean everything.

After making his bet with Kris, Darren sets out to try and pull Mercedes. Things look good when Mercedes starts to flirt with him and even invites him back to her place. But Mercedes only lets Daren get so far before ripping him to shreds, telling him she would never go near him. Darren is left humiliated in front of Kris.

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