Mandy is mortified when she wakes up next to Tony. Meanwhile, Cindy assumes Mandy spent the night with Warren and pays him a visit. However, the tables are turned when Warren insists he never spent the night with Mandy, and threatens Cindy that if Louise ever finds out about his affair with Mandy, Holly will be in jeopardy.

Terrified, Cindy flees The Loft, as Warren dwells on who Mandy was with last night. Tony becomes suspicious when Warren interrogates Mandy on her whereabouts the previous evening and is alarmed to hear about her affair with Warren. Later, Mandy agrees to a secret meeting with Warren and is stunned when Warren tells her he loves her.

In Drive ‘n’ Buy, Newt’s plan to steal condoms goes wrong when he discovers Frankie working there. But when Gov drops his credit card, Newt discreetly picks it up while taking note of his pin number, and he and Lauren go to the cash point. Newt then discovers a condom in Darren’s room and takes it.

Hoping to lose their virginity, Newt and Lauren get down to business in the 6th form common room. But their passion is interrupted by the untimely visit of Gov. The pair hide behind the sofa. Will they be discovered?

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