Warren threatens Mandy!

Mandy and Tony’s burgeoning romance is threatened as she’s forced to come clean about her association with Warren. She tells him that She wanted to get revenge on him and thought Warren was the best way. Tony kicks her out, but later she bumps into Warren. He realises that Mandy sent the text’s to lure him back so that people would realise he wasn’t dead. He’s furious knowing that he could have continued playing dead after committing the murder. He threatens Mandy telling her she’ll pay.

Carl and Mercy continue to wind each other up while Riley tells Heidi that he is truly in love with Mercy. Carl and Mercy finally have a heart to heart and decide they must leave each other alone. Later, Riley shocks Mercedes with a romantic proposal with his Gran’s ring, much to Carl’s dismay.

Esther is feeling guilty and tells Tom that she wants to be friends, while Frankie worries when Tom hasn’t turned up for school. Gilly tries to intervene but Esther tells Frankie that it was Tom who hit her and not Jack. Meanwhile, Tom is overcome with guilt and heads to the police station ready to confess.

Also; Doug is shocked to discover that Noah is gay.

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