Mike AKA Warren threatens Maxine!

Warren goes ballistic when Maxine makes an innocent mistake in Hollyoaks

Warren’s troubled by the contents of a wooden box at his flat. Maxine goes to see Warren and, as he tries to get her to tell the truth about Patrick, she accidentally knocks the wooden box of the shelf, breaking some of the contents inside. Warren’s furious and grabs Maxine in anger. As she hurries out of the flat, memories of Patrick’s abuse come flooding back, but what was so special about the box?

Warren tells Sienna he just wants to stay clean in memory of his sister, Katy, who died from an overdose – all he’s got left of her is the contents of the wooden box. Sienna’s touched and gives Warren the key he’s been desperate to find… and then they kiss!

Also, Alfie decides to take a stand and both he and Jade walk through the school showing off their bald heads. Mrs St Claire excludes Nico after someone grasses on her. Nico soon finds out it was Peri and swears revenge.