Warren tries to reason with Zak

In the wake of Louise’s arrest, a panicking Justin seeks out Warren, worried the police will come for him too. Warren warns Justin to stay calm but is clearly concerned when Louise doesn’t make bail. Warren tells Louise he will have to confess, but she begs him not to. Warren visits Zak, but is surprised when he refuses to retract his statement. Warren offers Zak £10,000 to walk away but he won’t budge, leaving Warren furious and frustrated.

Leo is determined to help Sasha get off drugs and wants the whole family to pitch in. Danny stays home to look after Sasha but she manages to escape to see Fletch for drugs. Danny manages to track down Sasha and tells Fletch it would be best if he kept his distance.

Mike is fuming that Sarah invited her lecherous older boyfriend Roger to stay over. After college, Zoe heads home to find Roger enjoying a glass of wine, waiting for Sarah. Zoe can’t hide her distain, which turns to repulsion as Roger makes a pass at her. Later, Zoe and Mike suffer in silence during Sarah’s romantic night in with Roger. Unable to stand it, Zoe leaves, causing a row between Mike and Sarah.

Also, Ste gets a job.

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