Warren wants revenge!

As a furious Warren puts his plan into action, can Nico and Maxine stop him doing something stupid?

Nico’s horrified when Warren reveals how he’s going to get revenge. As he traps himself in a lift with Cameron, Nico warns Maxine and they both rush to stop him. When the lift doors open and Cameron falls out, Maxine begs everyone to stop fighting. But the guilt is too much for Peri, who tells Cameron the truth.

After worrying that Barry was ill, Alfie is stunned when his bearded dragon lays eggs. He and Jade celebrate being grandparents – but Lisa then spills the beans to Jade about Alfie getting the all-clear.

Celine tells Cleo to draft an email to Nathan telling him how she feels, with no intention of actually sending it… After Cleo empties her heart over two pages, Celine cheekily sends the email to Nathan.

Mercedes is on a mission to get her man back but Joanne has her own tricks up her sleeve. Joanne throws a statuette, that Mercedes bought Joe, through the Roscoes’ window, making Joe think it was Mercedes.