Warren wants words with Ste

Mike rips into Kathy for reporting Amy to social services, but unrepentant Kathy insists she was acting out of love. Later, Kathy and Mike visit Amy for tea, but, far from seeing how well Amy is coping without them, Kathy feels vindicated when a furious Warren barges in and accuses Ste of stealing his credit card. Ste admits thieving the card but begs Warren not to report him to the police.

With growing doubts about whether she can trust Warren, Louise jumps to conclusions when she overhears him ordering someone to ‘deal with it, no mess.’ Deciding to keep a closer eye on him, Louise insists on becoming more actively involved in the Loft and asks Warren’s old friend Carl to help her discover if he is up to his old tricks.

Jake buys Nancy a poster of her favourite film as a special present, but is embarrassed when he realises he has actually picked Becca’s favourite flick. Later, he manages to make things up to Nancy by defending her when he overhears Sarah moaning that Nancy has become boring.

Also, Steph sees a great opportunity to get one up on Summer in the Singing Sensations competition.