In The Dog, Louise and Warren arrive for lunch where Louise gets increasingly drunk, resulting in a furious Warren telling her to leave. Back at the flat, their argument gets out of control and escalates, and Louise attacks him. In a rage, he walks out of the flat leaving Louise shaking with fear when she realises how far she’s pushed him. Warren calls Mandy and tells her to get her stuff together – they’re leaving tonight.

Calvin looks forward to helping Mark out on a raid. But when he meets up with Mark, he realises they aren’t doing anything official, when they both head into The Loft with baseball bats. Unable to warn Warren, Calvin is horrified to find himself forced to beat up Warren. As Warren lies badly injured, Calvin calls the emergency services. As Mandy waits for Warren’s arrival, she is unaware that he is lying unconscious…

Sarah is struggling to cope with her feelings towards Zoe after their lesbian encounter. Picking up on the prickly atmosphere, Mike questions Zoe who steers him away from the truth. With Sarah’s behaviour growing increasingly irrational, Zoe offers to move out to ease the friction.

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