Warren’s trial begins

Clare is first to be called as a witness for Warren’s trial, and she gives a flawless performance. However Carmel’s turn on the stand is less polished, and she ends up providing the court with much amusement. Finally, Calvin gives his evidence, but he’s unsure whether he has said enough to send Warren down.

Michaela returns from holiday to be met with Carmel rushing off to testify in court. She catches up with Sasha and they reminisce about what a great time they had on away together, until Amy catches up with her. Amy is livid with Michaela for writing a magazine article about her family and blames her for almost tearing them apart. Sasha tries her best to keep the peace, and sets up a meeting to bring the two friends back together.

Steph feels guilty after Max put his back out yesterday and, after a secret cash offer from OB, insists on nursing him back to health. Max is helpless as Steph gets to work on him with her special massages. With Max still in pain, Steph agrees to pick Tom up from kids’ club, but she doesn’t watch him properly and he hurts himself, leaving her with another patient to look after.