Was Emma wrong to trust Dave?

On her day off, Emma goes to see a suspended Dave at his home. He’s going mad being kept away from the station, but is genial and seemingly unworried about his fate. And he’s very grateful to see Emma – not just for her support, but because he clearly holds a small flame for her still.  Emma queries Dave about the online comments he’s made alluding to his relationships with her and O’Neil, and he urgently deletes them – it’s the sort of thing that could be used against him in a case – but also dismisses the comments as ‘laddy fun’.

As they enjoy the rest of their afternoon, Dave gets the wrong idea and tries to make a move on Emma, who rebuffs him, reminding him that Sam has only recently died. But Dave won’t take no for an answer and his overly aggressive coercion quickly turns more physical. Emma manages to knee him where it hurts and escape from the house, but has a breakdown in the car. It turns out the man she’s been defending all this time – and putting her reputation on the line for, accordingly – may well be guilty of everything he’s being accused of!

Also, it’s the first day of Chris’s new radio show, and he’s being trolled by medical students while dealing with a drunk guest.