Following the double shooting at the Rock Against Racism concert, MP Paul Sagger and Nadim Mura lay in hospital where Mura whispers the name Abdul Muntqim to Supt Heaton. Later, Heaton gets a shock when Mura is found dead at the hospital.

When CCTV footage shows hospital porter Paul Forsyth entering Mura’s room, DCs Jo Masters and Terry Perkins head to Forsyth’s house where they find leaflets from radical group, The Bulldogs of Patriotism, and photos of Mura.

At Sun Hill, DC Grace Dasari suspects the shooting may have something to do with Sagger’s smuggling activities as he owns a dagger that had been looted from a Baghdad museum. When Grace discovers that Abdul Muntqim is an antiques dealer and questions Sagger and his assistant Derek Jacobs about the dagger, they deny all knowledge.

Later, DI Neil Manson realises Heaton was one of the intended targets on the night of the shooting and calls Heaton, who’s driving back to Sun Hill with Sagger. Suddenly, there’s a loud explosion and the telephone line goes dead…