At a club, Sergeant Stone and Pcs Sally Armstrong and Tony Stamp learn of the disappearance of Kate Glover. CCTV footage shows Kate leaving the club with the manager, Iain Andain, and walking towards an alleyway, where Stone and Sally later find Kate her badly beaten. Iain tells the officers that he had consensual sex with Kate and she backs up his story, claiming she was injured in a mugging. When Stone learns that two previous rape allegations against Iain were dropped, the officers interview a previous victim who admits that she dropped the charges after Iain threatened her. Elsewhere, DS Max Carter and DCs Stevie Moss and Terry Perkins are on a sting with drug dealer, Kieran Sudbury. But Kieran’s been taking them for fools, and when DI Samantha Nixon learns that Iain knows the drug dealer they’re after, he agrees to help – if Stone backs off about the rape allegation. Sally and Pcs Will Fletcher and Ben Gayle are angry that the rape charges against Iain have been dropped, so Stone urges them to serve up their own brand of justice. But he’s shocked by what they decide to do… VIDEO: Watch a clip from this episode of The Bill