Was Michael to blame for Helena’s death?

Tash asks Michael if he will take her to the beach where her mum drowned. Although Michael is hesitant, especially when Tash wants Emilia to join them, he agrees. Emilia is also unsure if she should go, thinking the trip will open up a whole can of worms but Lucas manages to convince her it will be a good idea, so she agrees but tells Michael she’s only doing it for Tash’s sake. However, their fears are realised when it all becomes too much from Emelia who tells Michael they are to blame for Helena’s death – they were in the car kissing when Helena drowned.

Paul tries to get Sophie and Kate to make up, but when Sophie continues to insult Kate, she finally fights back, hurting Sophie. Shocked at the person Kate has become, Paul is forced to take drastic measures. He offers Kate the money in their trust fund to go on holiday with Sophie, but tired of being her old good self, Kate agrees to the holiday… but without Sophie!

Lucas struggles to find the person responsible for Chris’s bashing. George ups the pressure and Lucas bites back. George realises how deeply Lucas cares for Chris and invites him to spend Christmas with the Pappas’s but Lucas has other plans.