It’s Merlin’s turn to have his head turned by a stunning woman in this episode of the mystical, magical family drama called The Lady of the Lake.

As the young magician goes about his duties to Gauis and Arthur, he comes across a druid girl, Freya (Laura Donnelly), whose dark beauty catches his eye – and captures his heart. She’s not free for a dalliance with Merlin, though… Freya is behind bars, in a cage belonging to a bounty hunter. Merlin can’t bear to see this and is determined to help Freya escape the chains that shackle her. Gauis can see that such action can only lead to trouble and tries to talk Merlin out of any heroics, but it’s too late; he’s under Freya’s spell…

He gets the young woman free and hides her in the tunnels beneath Camelot. But the bounty hunter isn’t about to give up his prize and starts searching for Freya. That’s not Merlin’s only problem (besides side-stepping awkward questions from Arthur). There’s a menacing, mysterious beast on the loose, which makes it even harder for him to protect Freya. Merlin’s not a quitter, though and he always has a few tricks up his sleeve. But even his special powers can’t help him avoid some heartbreaking decisions, which he must make if he is to keep Freya safe.

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