Tina is rescued by Niall after being mugged by a desperate Fletch. Grateful, she confesses to Niall that she is considering putting the baby up for adoption rather that give it to loveless Tony and Jacqui. Niall is secretly incensed and tries to talk her round, but after another fruitless visit to Steph, he slips further into depression. Tina calls Jacqui to tell her she won’t be getting the baby, but just as she is about to break the news, Niall appears behind her and pushes her down the city steps.

Jacqui is sympathetic when Mandy turns up at their doorstep in tears. Tony and Mandy go for a walk where Tony confesses he has major reservations about the surrogacy. Unfortunately he is overheard by a distraught Tina. Later, Tony cooks Jacqui a romantic dinner, pledging to support her when the baby comes. But they are interrupted by a desperate phone call from Tina�

Still in shock, Steph refuses to take off her wedding dress or leave the flat. OB and Steph reminisce about Max and Steph decides to move back in to The Dog with her family. OB reminds her that Tom is her responsibility now, but she refuses to listen, until a visit from Kieron changes her mind.

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