Waterloo Road is shut down!

It’s the last day of term, and Michael is gearing up to tell the pupils and staff at Waterloo Road that the school will be closing. However, before he gets to deliver the bad news, Alan Dixon from the Local Education Authority has left letters in the staff room to tell the teachers that they will be losing their jobs.

All of the staff are furious with Michael, and even when he tells them they can move to Glasgow with him to retain their jobs, most of them tell him they aren’t willing to make such a leap.

Meanwhile, Tariq brings a crossbow into school with one aim – to take down Finn at the end of year prom, which is due to take place that night.

Michael calls a school assembly and tells the pupils that the school will be closing, and everyone is distraught at the news. Michael then says that he’s been emailed a list of the pupils’ new places at local schools, but he soon realises that not everyone is on the list. It’s then that he decides to hatch a plan…

Ahead of the prom, Tariq realises that he can’t cause any harm to Finn. Kyle is pushing him on, but lying, Tariq tells him that he’s lost the crossbow. As the prom gets underway, Tariq and Finn call a truce, and on his way out of the school, Tariq tries to collect the crossbow. Realising it’s been stolen – he thinks there’s only one person who could be responsible and that’s Kyle.

Running into the hall, he tries to get everyone to listen to him as he declares that Finn is in danger and Kyle is loose in the school with a weapon. Suddenly, Josh spies Kyle and manages to move him out of the way before it’s too late. Kyle is arrested.

Then, the teachers and pupils take a trip to Scotland to check out the new school, but things don’t run smoothly…