Waterloo Road’s gang is out of control!

The gang war at Waterloo Road rages on this week, and Michael decides that it’s time to take tough action on his pupils if he is to avoid throwing Waterloo Road’s future into jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Scout’s mum is being paid to organise an arranged marriage. Unaware that anything untoward is going on, Scout is excited about her wedding day. However, when she sees Danilo getting close to Em, she flies into a rage and tells him that he clearly isn’t into her.

However, when Danilo talks to his brother on the phone, he convinces him to lie to Scout and tell her that he is in love with her and make her believe that this marriage is for real. When he proposes to her properly, she’s initially wary of his reasons. But unable to hide her feelings for him, she’s ecstatic to be engaged to him.

Her mum arranges the marriage for lunchtime, and it all goes according to her plan. However, just moments after the ceremony, Scout realises what has happened. Sian and Tom turn up just as Scout discovers that it was all a sham and her mother was being paid. Outraged, Scout calls the police.

Finn’s gang tell him that if he wants to be initiated properly, he has to pass a test. They urge him to torch the sheds which the gangs have been fighting over. He’s reluctant, but they threaten to turn on him if he doesn’t go through with it. Throwing it into the shed, he hears screams…

It turns out Nas is in there. Finn turns back to rescue her, and gets her out just in time. Despite saving her life, Tariq is blind with rage, and Trudi is devastated that her ex-boyfriend nearly killed her sister.

Then, at an important meeting about the school’s future, a board rule that the school’s problems run too deep, and that Waterloo Road is to be shut down.