It’s the last day of term at Waterloo Road, and Jez decides that he’s going to hand in his resignation and leave the school after everything that’s happened between Sian and Michael.

Meanwhile, Tariq is continuing to cause trouble for Finn and Trudi and Scout learns that her foster family are about to relocate to Bristol. Em takes some drastic action to prevent her best friend from leaving – which ends up getting both her and Scout into big trouble.

Wayne Johnson discharges himself from hospital, and heads straight to Waterloo Road. He walks in, and drags Sian into one of the classrooms. Linda sees her, and alerts Michael right away. He rushes in, and manages to talk to Wayne and calm him down. Wayne then admits to stabbing Michael – something which shocks Sian and Linda. Then, later on, Michael discovers it was Linda who had been sending him the threatening notes.

Scorned, Linda runs Michael over and leaves him for dead in the school playground.