Wayne’s world troubles Aaron

Aaron has been suffering in silence while bully-boy Wayne makes his life hell during his community service. But he refuses to stand by and watch Wayne do the same to a new recruit and puts Wayne in his place. In Wayne’s world, though, gay guys don’t humiliate him so Aaron’s in trouble. Wayne follows Aaron back to Emmerdale and corners him at the garage, pushing him for a fight. But Aaron won’t hit back, he doesn’t want to risk another court appearance and a prison sentence. What Aaron needs is someone to stand up for him. Jackson sees he’s in trouble – but does he care?

Declan certainly doesn’t care about nasty Nathan’s threats. Refusing to be blackmailed, Declan decides honesty is the best policy and tells Natasha everything. It’s a policy that pays dividends as Natasha turns on Nathan and puts him in his place… If she’s really smart, that place will be a playpen, complete with dummy for him to continually spit out.

Talking of childish behaviour, Carl goes into a huge sulk when Chas chooses to speak to Aaron before she can give him some time. There’s one woman in the village who will have time for him: flirty Eve – and that’s who Carl turns to.

*Second episode*

With bully-boy Wayne spoiling for a fight, Aaron needs a hero and he gets one: Jackson! He steps in to stop Aaron doing something that could land him back in court. Not only do the boys kiss and make-up, but also Jackson has a sleepover with Aaron!

Surprise, surprise! Flirty Eve steps in at the King offices to cover for Edna, but what she really wants is to get closer to Carl. Eve could teach Marlon a thing or two about being a fast worker. The chef still hasn’t cooked up the courage to make a move on Rhona and Paddy tells him he’d better say something… fast.

Meanwhile, Leyla’s full of plans for the shop David has bought � even though the previous business shut down through lack of customers. Now what could she sell…? Sour grapes for nasty Nathan, lip balm for flirty Eve, reality check for Carl (Eve doesn’t want him, just the thrill of the chase), some sort of mouth guard that stops farmer John from constantly thrusting out his lower lip like a little boy, a good chat-up line for Marlon to use on Rhona… Just some suggestions.

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