It’s the day of Porter’s wedding to Russian gold-digger Irina and Lynette is doing everything she can to stop it going ahead. She’s distraught and has to be comforted by Tom, but she still insists she’d be a hypocrite to attend the ceremony. As luck would have it, she gets some dirt on Irina thanks to a Russian speaker who works at the bridal shop and a friendly immigration officer.

When Lynette confronts Irina with what she has, the cunning Russian says Porter’s too dumb to care and she has full control over him. Unfortunately for her a distraught Porter overhears everything and the wedding’s called off. He’s still not speaking to Lynette though.

Gaby offers her eggs to wannabe gay parents Bob and Lee after they lose their latest donor. But her husband Carlos is far from happy with the arrangement, then Bob and Lee realise that Gaby would be a little more controlling over any baby than they’d like. The plan is abandoned and the gay couple split up under the pressure.

Susan’s shocked to learn that Mike is flat broke when his truck is repossessed by bailiffs. But son MJ gives her a devious idea to get Mike a few extra local plumbing jobs. She gets her neighbours to block their drains and toilets and gives them the money to pay for Mike’s services. Of course Mike twigs what’s happened and is furious.

The battle between Andrew and Sam gets nasty when Bree is forced to sack her son from the catering business after Sam shows her evidence of Andrew’s ‘creative accounting’. Then her new publishing contract is put at risk when a dinner for potential publishers is sabotaged. Orson suggests to Bree that he thinks it’s more likely that Sam is behind the wrecking operation.

Patrick Logan finally meets his son Danny in the coffee house and tells him a story he’s writing that sounds remarkably similar to real life. And we finally learn the identity of the Fairview strangler.

Preston’s friend Eddie offers dumped bride Irina a lift to a motel after Porter’s kicked her out of the Scavo home. She accepts his kind offer, but then enrages him by calling him a ‘greasy-haired loser’ and promptly ends up as his latest victim, buried in the middle of the woods….

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