Wedded bliss…

Pcs Beth Green and Tony Stamp visit Marie Cox’s house to find her ex Kris Johnson outside with her fiance – his ex best friend – Ryan Chambers. It’s Marie and Ryan’s wedding day, and Kris has turned up to win Marie back – but is arrested for hitting Ryan. At Sun Hill, Kris tells DS Phil Hunter and Stuart Turner he’s learnt his lesson.

Later, the officers learn that a man matching Kris’ description has bundled Ryan into a car, and the hunt is on to find the groom. The car is found but the officers are stunned to find Kris tied up in the boot. Later, Phil, Stuart and DC Jo Masters attend the wedding where Marie is beating up Ryan for leaving her at the altar.

Elsewhere, Sergeant Smithy and Pc Diane Noble find burger van owner Jade Morris being threatened by Duncan Wilde, who’s arrested and taken to Sun Hill when he’s found in possession of skunk. Duncan later claims that Jade is a dealer and they were arguing because she hadn’t given him the amount he’d paid for.

Diane stakes out the burger van and spots Jade with a man who’s identified as Lee Clark. Diane and Sergeant Callum Stone follow Lee to what turns out to be a skunk factory, and the premises are raided. But the officers find themselves in a terrifying situation when an enraged Lee locks them in a room, armed with a baseball bat.