Danny has expanded his veterinary practice, but he’s finding that treating the villagers’ goats for free doesn’t pay the bills. So when Leopard’s Den secures a booking to host a wedding reception, Sarah is desperate for it to be a success. But the eco-system on the farm has gone haywire; there aren’t enough prey animals and a pack of hungry lions is surrounding the marquee in search of food.

To fix the problem, Sarah wants Danny to approach their neighbour Tate to buy buck from him. But when Danny spots Tate bidding for an old white rhino at a game auction, which he suspects he’ll want to hunt at Mara, he jumps to the animal’s defence losing out on the buck. Sarah is livid – the reception is just hours away and the lions are getting ravenous.

Their problems are temporarily forgotten when Rosie makes a surprise return home. Danny’s far from pleased to hear that she’s dropped out of university in England, but she’s quickly thrown in at the deep end when Danny gets a call for help: Tate has been gored by the old rhino and when Danny, Du Plessis and Rosie rush to Mara they find Tate fighting for his life.

Meanwhile, back at Leopard’s Den, despite some last-minute hiccups the wedding reception goes with a bang. But the party turns sour when Nomsa arrives with bad news about Tate…