Carson and Mrs Hughes prepare for their wedding and after Carson and the Crawleys realise how passionately Mrs Hughes feels about holding the reception in the village rather than the house, she finally gets her way. Mrs Patmore tries to help her find a perfect dress and eventually Mary says they can use something of Cora’s, to Cora’s initial anger. However, Cora eventually apologises for her outburst and after Carson and Mrs Hughes marry, Branson returns at the reception and declares that he is back for good.

Edith reaches the end of her tether with her editor and he leaves the magazine, but she bumps into Bertie Pelham again and he asks her for a drink, but instead he ends up working with her all night to help her get the magazine published.

Denker discovers that Spratt has secretly been helping his nephew who has absconded from prison, Thomas goes for an interview with impoverished landowner Sir Michael Reresby, but is left feeling even more hopeless about his future, and Daisy hopes that Cora can help Mr Mason take over Mr Drewe’s tenancy.

Meanwhile, Cora visits the hospital in York and decides to support the merger.