Chesney’s a bag of nerves as he prepares to marry Sinead, while Carla implores Daniel to follow his heart and call a halt to the wedding. As Sinead climbs into the car she clocks Daniel across the street an they share an intense look which is witnessed by Chesney. As the wedding guests gather at the register office will Daniel make his move and can Sinead ignore the doubts in her heart and say I do?

Eileen visits Anna in prison and asks her for her account of Seb’s accident. Will Eileen hear more than she bargained for? Meanwhile, Phelan quizzes Abi over Seb’s whereabouts and she makes out she hasn’t seen him. Phelan slips her a wad of cash telling her it’s Seb’s wages and if she sees him to ask him to get in touch.

Craig calls round for Bethany but he’s disappointed when she explains she won’t be attending the wedding as she has to help Audrey in the salon. Craig’s hurt when he finds out Bethany lied to him and isn’t expected in the salon today. 

Simon successfully fleeces Leanne, Toyah and Eva for dinner money but will he be able to pull the same trick on Carla?

First episode of evening.