This feature-length special sees Adam and Jessica’s big day get off to a hectic start. While the bride prepares herself for the day of her life, the groom’s morning is pandemonium when he wakes up in the hospital’s on-call room dressed as Superman and attached to an inflatable sheep after his stag night!

Adam finally makes it to the country house venue, with the help of a police escort, but before he gets to exchange vows with Jessica, there’s an unexpected interruption. Everyone’s pagers go off and the crew have to return to Holby as there’s been a major accident.

Once they’ve treated the casualties the wedding party heads to the hospital chapel in their scrubs and Trevor, the resident chaplain, conducts a ring exchanging ceremony.

But disaster strikes for Adam, Jessica and the children on their return to the country house reception when an oncoming car swerves into the middle of the road.

Adam swerves to avoid a collision and ends up crashing into a frozen lake. The ice begins to crack beneath the car and they are plunged into icy water.

Dixie and Jeff race to the scene and it becomes a battle to save the family before hypothermia sets in…

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