Charity makes another discovery which threatens her plans for a quickie wedding to Declan. She’s in a bridal shop trying on a few wedding dresses when she realises Cain is in the same store trying on suits for his big day! When Cain reveals that his wedding is planned for the same day as hers, she flips and the pair end up rowing. In fact they get so carried away they end up leaving the shop in their matrimonial garb!

Later, when Charity tells Cain that her family should attend his wedding over hers, he knows something isn’t quite right and tells her that marrying Declan would be a big, big mistake…

Belle and Sean’s parents are disturbed by the teenagers’ plan to have a baby so they ban them from being left alone together. However, those wily teens soon spy an opportunity to be on their own… Just as they begin to kiss, the pair are caught red-handed by Ali and Dan. Furious, Sean’s parents decide that he should live with his uncle for a while.

Meanwhile, Pete confronts Debbie about the man who Ross saw go into her house last week, but she manages to cover. Later, Pete has a go at Ross for stirring up trouble for him and Debbie. What Pete doesn’t know is that the mystery man was actually DC Flanagan who turned up at the house after she asked him to a background check on her fella!