Weird goings-on at the Den

Alice is still not herself, suffering from a loss of nerve after last week’s close shave with the lions. Danny’s determined to help her regain her confidence. His motives aren’t entirely unselfish, though – the Leopard’s Den lions have produced their first cub and he desperately needs Alice back to her efficient best. What’s more, his attention is divided when he discovers that Olivia has failed her exams. Is this a case of pure bad luck or has something been distracting her from her studies?

Meanwhile, Leopard’s Den is the scene of some strange phenomena. A mirror cracks for no apparent reason, some animals are found miles away from their normal habitat and there are dead crocodiles at both Leopard’s Den and Mara. What’s behind these mysterious happenings?

And Du Plessis is missing Caroline, who has returned to the UK to visit family. In her absence, he takes it upon himself to run the household – or at least give it his best shot. While tidying up, he’s surprised to come across a used pregnancy test which is registering positive. Whose can it be?