Welcome home, Katie and Declan!

Princess Katie and Declan are back from their honeymoon to home sweet Home Farm, which they’re supposed to have all to themselves after Declan gave Megan and Robbie their marching orders. But wicked sister-in-law Megan is still around and she has something for the newlyweds: bad news – and worse news. Megan takes great pleasure in telling Mr and Mrs Macey that she’s living in Mulberry Cottage (Declan’s property) and then she reveals that Chas has been banged up for the murder of Carl King. Katie turns to Nicola for the details about Chas, but Declan turns to his computer… As Megan has been around Home Farm while he was away, he needs to check his bank accounts!

Gennie’s emotionally spent as she confesses to Debbie that she knew about Chas’s affair with Cameron and said nothing. Gennie expects Debbie to damn her, so she’s taken by surprise when Debbie tells her she had already worked out that Gennie had been keeping secrets… And Gennie doesn’t know what to say when Debbie tells her that if she had spoken up sooner Chas might not be banged up for murder!

Paddy’s almost speechless with relief when he leaves court with a fine and a six-month suspension from work.