Welcome home, Paul!

Elle invites the Ramsay Street residents to Paul’s homecoming party and begs them to conceal his past, unaware Gail is finally telling Paul the truth about his evil ways. Opinion is divided amongst the neighbours on whether to accept the party invite but after a vote, they decide to all go.

But they get a shock when Paul breaks down at the party, and publicly apologises for all the terrible things he’s done over the years. But while the neighbours have renewed hope about the new Paul, Elle is devastated when she overhears what he really thinks of her.

Carmella is furious at being stranded with Ringo, but finally acknowledges how bad her addiction problem has become. With as new sense of clarity, Carmella returns and ends her romance with Oliver for good.

Adam is shocked when he learns how badly Paul treated Pepper in the past, but Pepper insists she’s learned from her mistakes. Later, Pepper introduces Adam to Steiger after telling her dad that Adam may be ‘the one’.

Also, Bree helps Susan woo an unwitting Karl back to medicine by showing him what a clever doctor he still is.