Welcome home, son! (VIDEO)

Well, Home Farm is not Megan’s home and it’s not a warm welcome, but she is smiling when she tells Robbie he can stay. Mind you, that offer comes after her offer to give him money to travel – and not just to Leeds. It seems that Robbie has finally got the message and he tells Megan he can’t take her money but he will leave if that’s what she really wants. That’s when Megan decides that maybe that’s not what she wants and she tells Robbie he can stick around – for now.

Ashley’s not welcome to stick around but he sneaks into the vicarage to gather up his valuables. That’s when he finds Laurel’s wedding ring. So, she’s not wearing it any more… This stops Ashley in his tracks and that’s when Ruby walks in and catches him. Ashley takes off, and pawns everything he took from the house so he can give some money to Laurel. She’s glad of the money – but not happy to hear Ashley was in the house alone.

Chas and Cameron aren’t at home – they’re having a dirty, flirty weekend away. Well, they’re supposed to be, but Chas isn’t happy when Cameron spends time on the phone to Debbie. That’s a real passion killer!