Lynette’s children and Tom are pulled out of the rubble of Mrs McCluskey’s house, but Tom indicates that Ida is dead. Parker reveals how Ida saved all of their lives in the tornado, and Lynette begins to feel guilty for not taking the time to get to know her. Later, Lynette learns that Ida’s relatives don’t plan to fulfill her wish of spreading her ashes at Granville Field, so she decides to do it herself.

After Sylvia is also found dead, Katherine tells Adam she wants him out of her life. As he’s packing, Adam finds the note left by Katherine’s late aunt and confronts her about blaming her ex for something that was her fault. As Adam leaves, Katherine tears up the note and throws it in the fire. The next morning, Dylan retrieves the pieces of paper, puts them together and uncovers the truth…

As Carlos lies wounded in hospital, Gaby attends Victor’s funeral, and discovers from Milton that Victor left nothing to her in his will. Gaby tells Carlos, who asks her to obtain a copy of his offshore account file from his accountant, Al Kaminsky. But Al died in the tornado and Al’s wife has shredded all of Al’s files to protect him. Gaby and Carlos are left broke – and Carlos is not telling Gaby that he’s lost his sight.

Susan regrets inviting Bree and her family to stay while their house is being fixed, but she soon changes her mind when Bree proves she’s a domestic goddess. But Bree wants her house fixed quickly, and tries to set Andrew up with contractor Walter, to get the job done.

*Desperate Housewives will return in the autumn*