We’re So Happy You’re So Happy

Mike insists on getting to know Jackson, considering he’s going to be around his son, MJ, and although Susan doesn’t approve at first, she eventually relents and the two men soon hit it off. Susan is horrified, however, when she realises they’ve been discussing her bedroom secrets…

Lynette is finding Porter difficult to talk to so tries to communicate with him through an Internet networking site. She pretends to be ‘Sara J’, a 16-year-old girl from a neighbouring school, to chat with him but things go too far when Porter starts to develop a crush on her.

Bree feels the pressure of balancing marriage and career when Orson takes offence at her using Van de Kamp as her professional name instead of Hodge. And things soon start to boil over when she announces ‘there’s no Mr Van de Kamp’ in a radio interview.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle is invited to a glamorous party at the country club but, when Carlos takes a job there as masseur, Bree informs her that it’s no longer appropriate for them to attend as they’re considered staff.

And Edie tells husband Dave that she wants to leave Wisteria Lane when she’s insulted by Karen McCluskey. But Dave obviously has his reasons for staying and encourages Karen to apologise. When she refuses, he turns to alternative methods of persuasion and Karen’s cat, Toby, goes missing!