Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis head the cast of this hilarious road movie comedy in which four messed-up strangers pose as a wholesome family.

Sudeikis is a small-time drug-dealer who needs to smuggle two tons of pot across the Mexico-US border.

So he talks cash-strapped stripper Aniston, geeky teenage neighbour Will Poulter and punky runaway Emma Roberts into pretending to be his wife and children.

There are rude and raunchy gags aplenty when they hit the road in a motorhome as the squeaky-clean all-American ‘Miller’ clan.

Aniston shows off her gym-toned body, Sudeikis is snarky, Roberts is sweary and Poulter gets bitten in the testicles by a tarantula.

Get past the smutty surface, though, and you’ll find a surprising and rewardingly sweet-natured core to director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s hugely appealing film.