Set in 1970s Salford and rural Pakistan, this sequel to 1999’s East Is East again stars Om Puri.

It’s surprisingly adroit and nimble, funny and touching by turns and a worthy successor to the fine original.

Puri’s old dad George takes his 13-year-old son Sajid (Aqib Khan) off to meet the abandoned first Mrs Khan, Basheera (Ila Arun), and her family in the Punjab.

But it’s more than just the boy who has loads to learn when they get in touch with their roots – especially when the present Mrs Khan, Ella (Linda Bassett), arrives from Manchester to confront both the long-absent George and Basheera.

As the repentant tyrant, Puri finds humanity and warmth in his role, Bassett is magnificent as straight-talking Ella, pitching her performance perfectly between laughs and heartbreak, young Aqib is a gem as the sulky lad, always sassy and funny, and Jimi Mistry is always an asset, playing brother Tariq charmingly.

A highly effective rib-tickler and sentimental heartwarmer.