Weston’s safe house move goes awry

After his failed suicide attempt, Weston is back in police custody while Rob is at loggerheads with Supt. Noakes when he realises he plans to move Weston to a safe house. He tells Weston things are now in the hands of his superior but Weston is grateful for everything Rob has done. Noakes and Larkin escort Weston to the safe house but they are ambushed on route.

Mrs Tembe gets dragged into helping two squabbling siblings, Trevor and Colin, when they lose a lottery ticket. When Trevor jumps into a rubbish bin to look for it, Colin takes a photo of him knee deep in trash and Trevor realises that the lost ticket was all a ruse for Colin to win a bet.

Emma’s seething with Howard for not telling her that he’s had nothing to do with his child since birth. She tells him to “man up” and think about his daughter but when Emma thinks Howard is about to open up, he shuts down again and assertively tells Emma the matter is now closed.