Weston turns up on Rob’s doorstep

Rob arranges to meet Sgt Daisy Murray and he’s shocked when she tells him that Supt. Noakes thinks Weston was a timewaster and he’s moving the case on. Rob returns to the house and is at the front door when his phone rings – it’s Driver.  Just as he answers, Weston appears out of the bushes and makes Rob jump. Driver wonders why Rob just yelled down his handset but Rob says it’s nothing. Ron looks up and down the street for police… then bundles Weston into his home. 

Mrs Tembe suggests Heston should start a blog. Caught on the hop, he agrees and, when pushed, he declares the subject of his blog will be wine. Mrs Tembe insists he needs a gimmick and suggests maybe he should do a vlog instead! Heston agrees but has no idea what a vlog is!

Also, Niamh helps a transgender woman who questions her decision to live as a female following an attack on her home.

And Jimmi is back at work but refuses to discuss his breakdown with Emma.