SEVEN YEARS AGO: Six people are brutally murdered by John Wakefield on Harper’s Island.

PRESENT DAY: Trish Wellington and Henry Dunn’s wedding party prepare to set off for the island, off the coast of Seattle, for a week of celebrations. Just as Henry’s Uncle Marty boards the boat (secretly carrying a stash of cash and a gun), the groom-to-be is excited to see his former childhood friend Abby Mills arrive.

Meanwhile, Trish is anxious her cousin Ben hasn’t appeared. As the engine starts, the propeller kills Ben who has been tied up to the bottom of the boat. Whap!

On board, bridesmaid Chloe tells socialite Lucy and college friend Beth that Abby’s mother was one of John Wakefield victims. Arriving at the island, Abby is shocked to see her high school sweetheart, Jimmy.

While the party settles in at the grand Candlewick Inn, Hunter Jennings (Trish’s ex) meets with her wealthy father Thomas Wellington. They’re both intent on preventing the marriage from going ahead.

Uncle Marty (guest star Harry Hamlin) then confronts Wellington about his treatment of Henry. Later, while out for a walk, Uncle Marty falls through a bridge, gets stuck, and is cut in half. Whap!

The episode ends with Abby discovering a news article about her mother’s murder.